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According to the Russian military-industrial complex site on February 18 reported that China sold to Peru, MBT-2000 MBT activities are likely to resistance was from the Ukraine. Uzbekistan has repeatedly stated previously, the MBT-2000 tank system installed on the engine and transmission Ukraine.

Peru, local media reported that Defense Secretary Rafael • Rey has made clear that China signed with the procurement of
MBT-2000 tanks, pre-contract, will investigate whether Ukraine has received the relevant permission.

Defense in Peru made the decision, Zuofutanke based juice Board (MBT-2000 tanks on the use of 6TD-2 engine manufacturer) has reminded: Ukrainian export system installed before the first part of the tank obtain permission from the Ukrainian side.

Raphael • Rey stressed that: "As the Chinese tanks used engines and transmissions produced in Ukraine, so we will not only to China, but also to get confirmation from the Ukrainian news."

Need to be reminded that, in the
MBT-2000 tanks in December last year in Peru shortly after the parade, Zuofutanke design chief architect of Mikhail juice Board • Baulieu Sock it sent a letter to Ukrainian Defense Services (Wu State-owned enterprises engaged in arms exports, has exported "fortress" tank and Peru concerning aspect of the negotiations), general manager, said that China has no right to the Ukrainian side for the MBT-2000 tanks manufactured parts sold to a third country.

Bao Liu Suk also pointed out that China is still unable to replace the 6TD-2 engines and ancillary drive system, while the lack of these devices
MBT-2000 tanks will lose many of the major operational capability. He said: "China lacks a sufficient number of transmission and the 6TD-2 engine, simply can not meet the needs of Peru."

Bao Liu Suk said: "Chinese people like the lack of performance for equipment MBT-2000 tank engine. China alone to provide the engine and transmission, and then resell them to Peru - it does not meet the interests of Ukraine in the area."

In addition, the Ukrainian defense industry exports, general manager, said the Chinese side Kozevnikov resale to third countries,
MBT-2000 used in the 6TD-2 engine and transmission must be obtained from the Ukrainian side's written permission.

Peru's Defense Minister Rafael • Rey has announced on December 8 last year, Peru and China will sign a military tank purchase agreement. It is said that Peru might purchase from China from 80 to 120 MBT-2000 tanks.

According to Rey, said Peru's military is on the Chinese-made MBT-2000 tanks, but would like to purchase better equipment, some of which tanks. MBT-2000 is the main battle tank developed for the Pakistan export main battle tanks. MBT-2000 is the main battle tank developed for the Pakistan export main battle tanks, its predecessor is China's 90-II tanks.

MBT-2000 tank battle the whole weight of 48 tons, crew of three, the biggest battle travel 400 km. The tank is equipped with thermal imaging night vision system to perform combat missions at night. The installed power of 1,200 horsepower a Ukrainian 6TD-2 water-cooled engine, the maximum highway speed of 65 to 70 km / h, accelerates from zero to 32 km / h time is 7 ~ 9 seconds, the biggest road trip 400 km. MBT-2000 is equipped with a caliber of 125 mm smoothbore gun, Beidan 39, can be fired shells species, including depleted uranium, tungsten alloy penetrators, shaped, and high-explosive grenades and other shaped charge. (Spring)

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